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Intelligent Motor Control

Our exclusive features protects your investment.

What is 'intelligent motor control'?

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Simply put, it's the smart way to manage aeration fans.

  • Efficiently manages up to four fans per bin.
  • Analyzes fan behavior on start-up and monitors amperage while running for true overload protection.
  • Works with both single and three phase power to guard against costly catastrophic failures.
  • Resarts fans after a power outage - saves you time and keeps fans running.
  • Manages fan starts per hour, avoiding dangerous motor overheating and electrical system overload.
  • Logs fan run-times and number of starts, letting you know when it's time to schedule maintenance.
  • Sends text and email alerts when problems are detected, minimizing downtime.

Enjoy the advanced motor management and protection available only with GRAINSIGHT!