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    We installed the Grainsight system in 2014. The system has performed as promoted. The Web-based interface allows us to check on our grain from anywhere on our phones and laptops. Alerts are sent via email or text if there's a problem with a fan, grain in a bin reaches a set temperature or if the grain's temperature runs too high. The people at Grainsight are very capable and have provided great service since we purchased the system. We are very satisfied with the product. - Alan Qual, Qual Grain Lisbon, ND

    I use the Grainsight system to dry and condition my corn, wheat, barley and soybeans and couldn't be happier with the results. Not only does the system save me time and money but I find that my crops come out of the bin in perfect condition as well. The on-line interface is easy to learn and use. Plus, I really like that I can check on my bins from anywhere using my phone. - Zach Green, Newfolden, MN

    The Grainsight system has become an essential part of our grain storage operation. We use it to condition our grain and add weight before bringing it to market. Before installing Grainsight, we were guessing about when to run our fans. Now we're confidant they're running at the best times automatically. The results have been great.
    - Byron Seward, Louise, MS

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