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GRAINSIGHT was developed by Rick Bergenheier, proprietor of Sharon Electric Motor Repair. Initially the system was conceived as a way to help farmers manage their aeration fans by restarting them after a power outage as well as providing more reliable overload protection than is traditionally used on aeration equipment.

Since then the system has grown to include web-based grain monitoring and more sophisticated fan control modes designed to maximize efficiency when conditioning the grain. Naturally the system retains it's initial goal of fan management, using 'intelligent motor control' to manage motor starts, monitor for problems during fan start-up and provide dependable overload protection.

Rick's years of experience in the motor business primarily serving farmers, coupled with his extensive background in manufacturing and electronics enabled him to design a system that truly serves the producers needs.

In active development for more than 5 years and thoroughly field tested, GRAINSIGHT is a full-featured grain storage management system that is very affordable, especially when compared to other systems on the market today.

Although GRAINSIGHT is so reasonably priced, all of the components used in the system are manufactured in the USA at ISO 9000 certified facilities and are coverd by a full 2 year warranty.

The system pays for itself through greater energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and improved grain quality. In addition, the web-based user interface saves time by allowing the producer to manage their grain storage at their convenience from anywhere in the world on any internet connected device. Text message and email alerts let the user know when a problem arises requiring their attention, further enhancing time management.