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Bin Controller

Provides efficient aeration control.

The bin controller is the hardware mounted on the bin. It reads the data from whatever cables are installed in the bin, and the ambient, plenum and vent sensors. It's also connected to the fan and heater controls so has the ability to turn those things on and off, as well as monitor fan amperage.

On-board is a high performance 2.4Ghz radio used to exchange data with the Site Coordinator. The use of wireless communication simplifies installation and reduces the amount of infrastructure needed to operate the system. Necessary wiring is completed using dependable UV rated outdoor CAT5 cable and durable flexible conduit.

  • ISO certified electronics are housed in a rugged weather-proof enclosure for years of dependable service.
  • Operates as a stand-alone unit even if the connection to the internet becomes unavailable.
  • All of the sensors needed to monitor ambient, plenum, vent and motor conditions are included with the unit.
  • Controls and manages up to 4 fans and heaters.
  • Multi-color LED gives a quick visual indication of bin status while on site.

Bin Controller